Essential apps for the Mac

Lots of friends get new Mac and always ask “what app do I use for this”… well here’s my list of essential apps and a few others you may find useful:

MessagingAdium, Skype, Tweetie & Growl
Bit Torrent / downloadsTransmissionSpeed Download
VideoPerian, Flip 4 Mac for Windows Media, VLCVisualHub or Video Monkey
BrowsersSafari 4, Firefox & Chrome Beta
Password management1Password
SystemiStat Menus, MainMenu
Audio / videoAirfoil + an Airport Express, Sound Source &
Web designCodaPipette
GoogleGmail Notifier, Reader Notifier & Mailplane
App removalAppZapper
PhotographyApertureiPhoto Buddy

All must haves!!

Dock Apps for Mac

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