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The trams that ruled Brisbane

Some colour photos of the amazing tram system that existed in Brisbane until they were ripped out in 1969! More info here. I am not 100% on the source of these all of these images. I suspect the BCC for many of them. The Youtube clip at the end of this post suggest a chap […]

Designing the outer city

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop as part of Icograda’s Design Week Brisbane. The workshop focused on using design approaches to make urban areas outside the Central Business District more appealing to visitors and residents. Workshop participants—including architecture, landscape, arts, and environmental graphics practitioners—used a fast-paced collaborative format to generate ideas for encouraging […]

Alternative Oyster

When I was in the UK, I did a bit of work on a new version of the the Oyster card – here. Why didn’t we think of this… www.alternativeoyster.com Via @decryption