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The new MAC1 MacBook is ideal for student use and is supplied with twice the RAM of the standard MacBook.
The MacBook is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and is supplied with a 13.3" glossy widescreen, great for watching DVDs, completing uni work or just for gaming. The Apple remote allows you to control music, view photos and watch videos from across the room while a 60GB hard drive gives you ample space for work and play. With 1GB of RAM, a CD-RW/DVD-ROM optical drive and a built-in iSight web cam, this is one machine that really does have it all. 
On-campus support is available for both Hardware and Software, and during Library opening hours you’ll be able to charge your battery securely.
For an even more powerful notebook, check out the MacBook Pro.


   Configure your MacBook!

MacBook 13" 1.83GHz Intel C2D / 1GB RAM / 60GB / Combo - $1772.90

MacBook 13" 2.0GHz Intel C2D / 1GB RAM / 80GB / Superdrive -  $1888.70

MacBook 13" 2.0GHz Intel C2D / 1GB RAM / 120GB / Superdrive - $2159.30

AppleCare 3 Year Warranty Upgrade - $377.30

Apple Wired
Keyboard - $50

Apple Mighty
Mouse - $69.30

Logitech V100 Optical Mouse for Notebooks - $39.95

Logitech G4 Laser Mouse - $129.95

250GB D2 LaCie
HardDrive - $329

500GB D2 LaCie
Extreme External
HardDrive - $499

80GB LaCie Ultra Mobile
Portable Hard Drive - $229
Mini-DVI to VGA
Video Adapter -
Mini-DVI to DVI
Video Adapter -
Mini-DVI to S-
Adapter - $31.90

STM Small Loop Bag - $129

STM Small Brink Bag - $79

2GB iPod Shuffle - $119
Choose a colour:
2GB iPod Nano - $279
(silver only)

4GB iPod Nano - $299
Choose a colour:

8GB iPod Nano - $380
(black only)

30GB iPod Video - $380
80GB iPod Video - $499
Choose a colour:
White Black

   Total cost:  $



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